Social enterprise coffee shop already helping vulnerable members of the community

Saints Coffee had plans to open this year but coronavirus meant they had to lunch online instead and delay their opening until early 2021.

Ben Francoise (who grew up in Far Cotton) and his partner Nicola Butler moved back from Hong Kong last year specifically to open the new business.

The couple are passionate about serving the people of Northampton with high quality, sustainable coffee whilst putting a proportion of their profit back into their social impact work.

Ben said, “I wanted to figure out how I could help people get out of the cycle of homelessness, which I have been talking to the Hope Centre about. We have also been working with schools on projects to help disadvantaged children reach university.

We will also help through the business too. We want to employ people in vulnerable groups and run groups from the shop with free coffee.

The reception so far has been fantastic. We’ve had brilliant support from local people and local businesses, the community is definitely there and I would like to be able to celebrate Northampton town centre.”

Another key factor around opening the coffee shop is to help support social justice and anti-discrimination, which Ben says will be easier when they have a venue.

Once the shop opens, there are plans to hold sessions for lonely people who need a social space, as well as providing access to experts for migrants and supporting mental health organisations.

Although there is a strong focus on the social impact aspect of the company, the coffee and business sides are just as important for the couple.

Read the full story behind Ben and Nicola’s plans on the Chronicle and Echo.

To order some of their delicious coffee and chocolates, visit their website and follow them on social media:   @saintscoffee on Instagram and @saintscoffeeshop on Facebook