LUSH Support Campaign with new Bath Bomb

Lush is supporting The Black Curriculum’s #TBH365 campaign

A new bath bomb has been launched by Lush across all 100 of their UK stores in support of The Black Curriculum’s campaign.

Here is a short piece taken from The Black Curriculum’s site:

“The Black Curriculum wants to see Black British histories being taught from reception through to A Levels across the entire national curriculum, in a mandatory way, especially via narratives that do not centre slavery. Learning Black history should not be a choice, but a fact of education. We aim to improve a sense of identity in every young person in the UK through an education that adequately represents the full picture of British history, including Black people’s contributions to the nation. We also seek to make Black histories mandatory on examination boards so academies, private schools and other educational institutions are obliged to teach it.

But first, we need to be HONEST and confront the problem face on – a Eurocentric curriculum is limiting and does not reflect the multi-ethnic country we live in.”

New Lush bath bomb

The #TBH365 bath bomb (£5.95) will be sold for the 2 weeks of the campaign, with 100% of the proceeds (minus the VAT) going to The Black Curriculum to continue their vital work.  Sha ped like a book, debossed with The Black Curriculum logo, this new bath bomb will leave a trail of shimmering gold and warm pink hues in the bath, emitting floral notes and sweet vanilla.

This is an important campaign that LUSH is supporting and you can see all the information relating to the campaign and it’s background on their website.