New Arrival: Geek Retreat

New Arrival: Geek Retreat

Geek Retreat Northampton opened on Dychurch Lane in October 2020. They are the perfect Geek hideout when you want to relax and play board games with your friends, or if your kids want to learn to play the Pokemon trading card game, or if you’re looking for a first class milkshake. Whatever your geeky interests are, they have you covered! They have shelves full of free-to-play board games, console games to play in store and plenty of comics to read. They have a great menu with burgers, hotdogs, nachos, panini’s, vegan options, amazing milkshakes and a kids menu.


They have friendly staff who love to teach people to play games, you can book ‘Learn to play’ sessions for any trading card games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Vanguard, Magic The Gathering, or Role Play games like Dungeons and Dragons and Miniature Games like Warhammer and Star Wars Legion. They have a great range of board games, card games, role play games and miniature games to buy too. They have a full events calendar with Pokemon Kids Club on Saturday mornings 10am-12 for £5 per child, and card game events running throughout the weekday evenings for adults.

You can like their facebook page ‘Geek Retreat Northampton’ and message them to book a table or to join a session. Or just pop down and let them know what games you enjoy!

You can find Geek Retreat on Dychurch Lane.

Full address 3 Dychurch Ln, Northampton NN1 2DG