Turtle Bay’s New Summer Menu

New Summer Menu – May 2024


Brand New summer flavours!

Introducing new Sunshine Salads and summer cocktails!

Mouth-wateringly fresh, Turtle Bay’s brand new additions to the menu are perfect for happy summer days spent sharing laughs with friends. Sit back and slip into island time as you savour new Caribbean flavours and raise a glass to summer with an ice cold cocktail (or two!)

Two brand new vibrant salads, with 4 protein-packed toppings to choose from. Each salad comes with its own jug of dressing, so you can be sure each mouthful will be bursting with zing and flavour!

Caribbean Caesar

Baby gem, crispy chickpeas, sweetcorn, cucumber, red onion & charred tomatoes. Served with your own jug of our creamy avocado dressing that’s totally vegan. It’s fresh and crunchy, with added protein from our crispy baked chickpeas!

Sunset Superfoods

Packed with nutrient-rich and high-protein ingredients, the Superfood Salad features sunflower seeds, red kidney beans, chilli pickled pineapple, sweet pepper salsa, spring onions, cucumber, charred tomatoes, & seasonal leaves.

Tossed in a zingy lime and coriander dressing and served with extra so you can add to your taste.


Order your salad as it comes (they make for great sharers for the middle of the table if you fancy something fresh and healthy to go alongside your jerk dish) – or add any of the following toppings:

  • Jerk Chicken Breast
  • Salmon
  • Jerk Halloumi
  • Vegan Jerk Chicken

New side! Jerk Corn on the Cob

It’s not exaggeration that we are seriously excited by this new addition to the menu at Turtle Bay. Because nothing says summer like a side of corn on the cob!

Charred on our smoky jerk pit BBQs and then smothered in Turtle Bay’s flavour-packed jerk rub and a drizzle of garlic butter, this is a side you cannot miss!

Jerk Platter

You know that feeling when you’re looking at the menu and you just can’t decide what to get? Turtle Bay’s new Jerk Platter is here for you! Featuring a mix of some of their absolute favourite jerk dishes, it’s designed for sharing with 2+ people and means you can try even more tasty dishes! Includes:

  • Half Jerk Chicken
  • Half rack of BBQ ribs
  • Jerk sausage
  • Coconut rice & peas
  • Spiced fries
  • Slaw


Refreshing New Cocktails

Tropical Spritz

Enjoy sipping something light, refreshing and spritzy on warm summer days? The new Tropical Spritz is just what you need! A mix of Appleton Signature rum, Triple Sec, Passionfruit puree and pineapple juice, topped with grapefruit fizz & a dash of orange bitters.

Sunset Cooler

As delicious as she is beautiful, the Sunset Cooler is a fresh and fruity mix of RedLeg Spiced rum, blackberry liqueur, sorrel, lemonade, lime, & a dash of orange bitters. Perfect for after-work drinks, paired with some Garlic Pit Prawns and Trini Doubles for a total beach-side flavour takeover.


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