This statement confirms that the Partnership between Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership (NBCP) and the Northampton Town Centre Ltd (who operate the  Business Improvement District) (NTCBID) to design and administer the Northampton Town ASB Reporting Scheme (NTARS) has identified a Legitimate Interest under the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Please also read our Privacy Statement in conjunction with this Legitimate Interest Statement.

Purpose of Processing

The NTARS is a membership organisation established for Northampton Town Centre BID Levy Payers to assist NTARS member businesses to respond in an organised manner to low level Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour that affects their businesses, profitability, staff, customers and the local economy.  By working together and sharing information about crime and ASB and those committing it, the partnership provides greater protection for its members and the local business community.

The NBCP and NTCBID are Non-Profit making, limited by guarantee registered companies and are run by separate voluntary Board of Directors, made up of Businesses and interested parties that have business connections within Northamptonshire.

The Partnership exists for the purpose of its Members to Prevent, Disrupt and Deter low level crime and ASB offenders and to identify prolific low level crime and ASB Offenders, who illegally target the business interests of Members.

Business crime is identified by the National Police Chiefs’ Council as “any criminal offence that is committed against a person or property which is associated by the connection of that person or property to a business”.

The partnership is registered with the Information Commissioner for the purpose of ‘the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders’.

The NTARS is a Members’ partnership that processes Personal Data under the DPA 2018 as it has identified a legitimate Interest to act on behalf of its members. Partner agencies and Northamptonshire Police. The processing of the data is necessary to protect those interests from prolific Retail Offenders.

Data processing types

The Collection, storage, analysis, collation and sharing with NTARS Members, Northamptonshire Police and Partner agencies. We may also share with similar Business Crime Reduction Partnerships who are accredited members of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships and where it is appropriately evidenced that a prolific Offenders may be travelling to commit similar crimes in their area of operation.

Data Subject Types

Inpiduals who have been identified as Prolific Retail Offenders engaged in low level Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in our area of operation.

Data Types – Personal Data

Everything that is necessary for identifying relevant inpiduals in order to serve Warnings, Privacy Notices, reporting and appropriately sharing relevant incidents to the Data Controller, Data Processer, Members, Northamptonshire Police and Partner Agencies.

Data Types – Special Category Data

Ethnicity and appropriate associates under Substantial Public Interest as defined in DPA 2018

Data Types – Alleged or Suspected Criminal Offences

Reports of Incidents by Members of low level and ASB Offenders for the purposes the defined Legitimate Interest as defined in DPA 2018

Data Sharing outside the Exclusion Scheme

Only as Appropriate and in the Legitimate Interest of the Scheme with Northamptonshire Police, Partner Agencies and with Data Controllers of other similar schemes where Prolific low level crime and ASB Offenders have been observed in Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and can be evidenced to have travelled or potentially travel to their area of operation. These Schemes MUST be accredited to National BCRP Standards and members of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP), similar accredited body or recognised partner.

The NBCP will deal with any Data Protection issues on behalf of NBCP and NTCBID, reporting to their respective Board of Directors.

The NTARS has voluntarily appointed a Data Protection Officer – who can be reached at the below address or at

For further information or concerns about this Legitimate Interest Statement.

Please contact ourselves at, view NTCBID Website or NBCP website or NTARS secure website or write to :-

Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership (NTARS)

PO BOX 261
01604 629181

Or contact the:-

Information Commissioner’s Office