Webinar: Remote leadership: planning for the future

Organiser: SEMLEP’s Growth Hub
Time and date: 11 AM – 12 PM, Thu 21 May

The coronavirus pandemic has presented some unknown challenges for leaders across the UK. With workers being furloughed, remote working in full swing and an uncertain future ahead, running a business has never been so challenging.

This webinar will talk about leadership plans for recovery and growth, including customer engagement, sales and management techniques to get your business future ready.

Chris Davies, from Sandler Training, is hosting a 1-hour interactive , webinar to help business leaders with their recovery. He’ll offer guidance on the right steps to keep ahead of the competition, tips on self-help tools to create momentum, and advice on why coaching during this period is vital for recovery….and how most leaders get it wrong.

This session will cover:

  • What’s not working right now
  • Self-help tools to create momentum
  • Managing attitude and beliefs to your benefit
  • The behaviours that need to change, many permanently
  • Required skills and the vital role coaching plays
  • Current selling systems are now obsolete, look forward
  • Learn to over-communicate

Who should attend?

Local business owners and directors who are worried about the impact of the coronavirus on their business and want to get a clear view on how to progress through crisis.

We will use an online site called Zoom which you will receive further information on how to access once you have registered your details.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact samantha.hunter@semlep.com

Register for your place HERE.