Step into the Future 2021-2026

“We have to look forward and the BID will continue to act as a catalyst for businesses and organisations to come together and play a key role in this new era in the life of this town. The BID’s ability to influence has increased significantly and it is now leading and driving key initiatives working closely with the local authority and other key businesses and organisations on plans which will shape the future of Northampton.

A renewal of the Business Improvement District provides us with an opportunity to forge even stronger links between ourselves and work on projects which we initiate and are important to us as committed and hardworking business people. Towns and cities across the UK are changing rapidly and we need to ensure that Northampton does not get left behind but takes advantage of its unique position in terms of its heritage and the strength of its people through their passion for the town.”

Brendan Bruder

Abbey Ross Property Consultants

Co Chair of Northampton BID