Objective 2: Develop the Northampton town centre experience. To create a sense of ‘place’ for visitors and people working in the town centre to enjoy

As part of our commitment to improving the town centre’s environment and experience we have organised multiple projects:


  • The Dinosaurs are coming to Northampton town centre – Europe’s biggest T Rex wowed the crowds as thousands of visitors flocked to Northampton town centre on Saturday, July 24. A collection of dinosaurs appeared throughout Market Square, Abington Street, and other parts of the town centre as Northampton was transported back to the Jurassic era, with a host of activities lined up for young adventurers. A Dino Dome was built for the 31st July, with visitors able to watch a free 30-minute film. A Dino augmented trail was also created, with the support of the Welcome Back Fund. Businesses were able to support with ‘Dino Diner Meal Deals’ special offers and ticketed activities, during the three-week period from 24 July to August 14. Read more here.


  • Tidy Day for Summer Clean – Businesses, town centre leaders and an army of volunteers, with almost 50 people, collected more than 100 bags of rubbish from known litter hot spots around the town centre. Read more here.


  • Window Vinyls – We continue to improve the appearance of the town by working with the local managing agents. Once permission has been obtained from the property owner, vinyls are installed into empty units. Read about our latest Window Viny Art Trail.


  • Radio Links and Body Cams – the BID’s uniformed duo, Bailey and Balpreet (BID Hosts) and Kimberley (BID Project Support Executive) all wear Radio Links, which connect them to the CCTV Operations, and body cams which capture footage that can be used as evidence by the Police.


  • Tacking crime – as a result of the BID’s Tackling Business Crime Meetings, the BID launched the Northampton Town Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting Scheme (NTARS). This has been designed specifically for the BID to enable businesses in our town centre to share and report anti-social behaviour (ASB) and low-level crime.


  • Event support – the BID provides valuable support and sponsorship to key town centre events, which has included Northampton Music Festival, Northampton Carnival, Northampton Pride and the Diwali celebrations and parade.


Our previous projects have also included:

  • Additional funding for extra policing
  • Additional planting, lighting and street cleaning, in targeted area, to enhance and support the town centre experience for those that visit the town centre
  • Free parking in previous years
  • Days of Action – these events, courtesy of Northampton Community Safety Partnership and Northamptonshire Police, are supported by the BID – giving the public a forum to ask questions and gain important safety information.