Webinar: Managing Performance & Productivity of Remote Teams

About this Event

“Is it too soon into the lockdown for you to discuss productivity and performance with your team?”

More and more we are being asked this question. Let’s consider a few facts. We went into lockdown on the 23rd March and now many people feel settled into their new working environment. Routines are in place, work spaces organised, technology up & running. The lockdown has been extended but when will it end? We are unsure. But something we can be sure of is “the widening gap”. If your people are not being productive, with each week that passes, you will be losing ground, falling further behind your plan, becoming less likely to hit your targets and achieve your goals.

Can you afford to ignore this?

Should you now start to address the “widening gap” between where you are and where you want to be? During this webinar we will answer the following questions:-

Why should I discuss productivity & performance?

When should I raise the subject?

How do I do this in a thoughtful & constructive way?

What aspects of productivity & performance should I concentrate on?

When the webinar is over you will understand the 11 barriers which most commonly stop people from being more productive when working remotely.

Plus you will have a range of ideas which you can easily implement to start this important conversation with your team. You will also feel confident in your ability to get the most out of this delicate and difficult situation.

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