BID Projects

Our Objectives

Promote the town centre, its businesses, culture and leisure educational and social offer locally and regionally.
Create a sense of 'place' for visitors and people working in the town centre to enjoy.
Business Growth & Investment
Encourage growth, development and investment into the town centre.

We all care about Northampton Town Centre. For many of us it is much more than our place of business; it is a unique place which occupies a special part in the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to spend time here.

Northampton town centre BID’s vision is, through a business-led programme of investment: ‘To continue to work with all stakeholders to define, develop and promote the identity of Northampton town centre which reflects its strengths, characteristics and heritage and is a sustainable and vibrant place which generates pride for its businesses, local residents, and visitors.”

This Business Improvement District (BID) runs for five years from 2021 to 2026. During that time it will generate an investment of around £1.5 million for the town centre area. This will come from a levy collected from the eligible businesses as well as voluntary contributions. It is intended that further funding opportunities will be identified to attract additional inward investment into the town centre and its businesses.

During the life of the BID we are committed to enhancing the image of Northampton Town Centre, its profile and competitiveness in order to develop its position as a leading commercial and cultural centre in the heart of England.

We will act to deliver the projects and services in the BID Proposal and business plan that the businesses themselves have voted for. These services are additional to and will not replace the existing council services. In order to do this, we will work with statutory, business and voluntary partners to meet the following objectives:

Download a copy of the BID Business Plan here.

Please contact BID Operations Manager Mark Mullen for more information about the BID projects by emailing or calling 01604 837766.

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